About Us

The origins

In 1990, ELAD Elettronica was established from the idea and passion of Franco Milan. A designer with decades of experience, he aspires to build a company that knows how to look ahead in a sector in constant turmoil.

Starting from the acronym: ELAD, Elettronica Analogica e Digitale (Analog and Digital Electronics), the firm wants to give a clear signal in terms of technological innovation and development of specific skills in the world of electronics.

Thus a company is born that offers the market the necessary support to develop electronic devices, from conception to mass production.


The company

The company consists of a research and development department, a production department (electronic assembly) and a department dedicated to electronic and mechanical production.

Aiming at constant improvement, in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, in the realization of products and services, ELAD srl is ISO 9001 certified.

It is also a member of the CEI (Italian Electronic Committee), a role that allows it to participate, as an expert company, in international regulatory activities for electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications.

In the local area, ELAD is associated with the Polo Tecnologico di Pordenone.

ELAD Elettronica is active in the following areas:

  • Research, development and product engineering
  • RF LAB for regulatory compliance testing
  • ELAD brand products

It is the beating heart of the entire business. Where ideas sprout, projects are technically and commercially analyzed and then mass-produced.

In particular, the following services are available:

  • Technical and market consultancy for electronic products
  • Design and development of electronic products
  • Mechanical and electronic integration
  • Realization of electronic prototypes, also complete with mechanics
  • Tests, Comparisons and Inspections
  • Tests and measures for reporting compliance with applicable CE, FCC regulations
  • Mass production of electronic equipment

It is from the company's internal need to test and measure its own devices that RF LAB is instituted. A department that over the years has equipped itself with the necessary equipment to carry out conformity tests for electrical and electronic equipment, testing compliance with current regulations (CE, FCC) with reference to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), exposure to RF and electrical safety.
The laboratory is also used for the development of antennas and wireless equipment.


For many years, ELAD has been involved in professional telecommunication technologies, in particular in the production and marketing of SDR (software defined radio) communication systems, therefore SDR radios, FDM receivers and transmitters. A technology, that SDR, which reduces the hardware components and leaves the signal processing to a control software.

As part of the search for automation systems, ELAD has a patent pending control system for CNC machines, ELAD-Connect.
A product capable of simplifying work for machinery and workers in an innovative and effective way, projecting your company into industry 4.0.



ELAD Elettronica is established, with a core business dedicated to design, development and prototyping for third parties.


With the beginning of the mandatory CE mark, ELAD begins to develop instruments for electromagnetic compatibility, in particular measuring receivers and related accessories.


The transition to the current headquarters takes place, to have the operational research and development, design and production laboratory in one place. The production department is also enhanced with two machines for surface mounting of components. All departments now work in complete synergy.


The Research and Development team begins to work on the Digital processing of radio signals. The FDM 77 product is launched, progenitor of the future SDRs.


Introduction of the automatic warehouse in the assembly kit production department. Each component has an archiving code that allows you to open the drawer in which each element is placed. Over eighteen thousand codes are active in ELAD and the introduction of the automatic warehouse translates into an optimization of working pace.


Installation of the anechoic chamber for Electromagnetic RF fields precision measurements. It is the basis of the RF LAB and allows ELAD to carry out product tests for compatibility with current standards. It also allows the development and testing of antennas.


Opening of the ELAD USA company for the marketing of radio equipment. In addition to the sale of SDR devices, this new direction leads to collaborations with American companies in research and development projects.


Introduction of mechanical machining with the installation of two HAAS CNC machines.

2021 - February

ELAD joins the board of HT Plasma, an innovative start-up that markets sanitation devices that exploit the antimicrobial power of cold plasma.

2021 - June

Microtelecom srl becomes part of the ELAD srl group.

2022 - May

ELAD Connect industrial invention patent has been issued.

The reference markets

The integration of analog and digital electronics represents an innovative and ideal method for managing complex systems. From analog output signals, to sequential digital machines, to microcontrollers equipped with Input / Output ports that manage certain signals and perform operations and / or activate industrial and civil electronic devices.

ELAD presents itself on the market with its experience and expertise at the highest levels, in order to offer diversified proposals based on the customer's needs.

Recipients of the services

ELAD is dedicated to the care and research of solutions to support companies and manufacturing companies in the various fields of application of digital and analogue electronics: household appliances, consumer electronics, lighting equipment and similar, information technology (ITE), telecommunications equipment.

The company collaborates with market leaders in the marketing of electronic measuring instruments and high tech equipment.

It develops industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) devices such as devices for the stimulation and measurement of muscle activity, reflexes and devices for the evaluation of physical-athletic performance. We have been collaborating for years with research institutes for the realization of diagnostic systems in the field of nuclear fusion research.

Today ELAD is a dynamic company capable of evolving over time, thanks to a vertical know-how in the digital and analogue electronics sector and an innate propensity for technological innovation.

ELAD progresses because it is constantly looking for technological proposals capable of preventing and responding to the demands of a highly sophisticated market.

The ELAD organizational structure specializes in collaborating on projects ranging from the conception, design and production of industrial electronic, electro-medical, telecommunications and industrial automation systems.

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