Elad Connect

Turn on a new world!

Control system for CNC machines

ELAD Elettronica presents ELAD-Connect, the smart control system for CNC machine tools.

Born to optimize communication between data collection software and machinery, it was developed for HAAS milling machines and can be extended to machines that adopt the MT-Connect network protocol. In fact, ELAD adheres to the MT-Connect Institute, which protects and develops the homonymous standardized protocol in an open format.

ELAD-Connect: make your business connected

ELAD-Connect is a system developed to support your workforce and simplify production operations in an innovative and effective way, projecting your company into industry 4.0.

A system capable of revolutionizing the acquisition and sharing of processing data: a simple smartphone will be enough to produce multimedia document data and share them instantly with other operators and with all machine tools.

Why choose ELAD-Connect

Better control over working times

ELAD-Connect reduces installation times and the possibility of errors, being able to use previously saved setups.
To operate, these machines usually require a verification of the correctness of the machining process through subsequent simulation steps, also to ensure the completeness of the tools set.
With ELAD-Connect, the operator is instantly informed of the tools needed for that process, together with other variables, as soon as the program is loaded.
The operator does not have to waste more time simulating and progressively reach the setup, which is instead immediate.
In addition, ELAD-Connect informs the user about the duration of the program (average, maximum and the last time/cycle), how many times it was repeated and at what speed it was performed.

Simplified operations

The photographic notes collected with a simple smartphone by the operator become, in real time, part of the ELAD-Connect storage memory.

You can also insert video files, prints, handwritten notes, voice notes and any digital or digitized material. This greatly facilitates the rapid identification of accessories and templates to be used for that particular process in the preparatory phase.

Smooth and shared management of business processes

All the machining data are not confined to the single machine tool, but are shared on the network with all the machines equipped with ELAD-Connect and with the company database.
They thus become easily accessible even to personnel who do not have direct access to the machines, such as CAD / CAM operators, management and the purchasing department: in fact, the data collected is available for statistics useful for cost analysis and reporting.
The accompanying applications are developed to facilitate the addition of useful information by the technical office, the statistical analysis for the costing of production processes, while the display of the operating status of the machines from remote can be used for the efficient management of processes.

Easy to install

The integration with HAAS machines is perfect: the ELAD-Connect body is designed to use the pre-existing holes for mounting accessories (handwheel, notepad) which can be effortlessly reassembled in turn on ELAD-Connect using the pre-existing holes.

No tampering with the milling machine, no additional connections: the network connection is sufficient. Any interfaces with sensors, RFID, I / O, will be connected to the ELAD-Connect terminal.


List of machine tools, complete with identification numbers and description. Usage times are also available, which indicate the state of wear of the tools.


Order of use of the tools for the loaded program: the green color indicates the correct setup of each tool.


Counter of program executions and processing time statistics (average, maximum and last cycle), execution date.


Operating status of the machine.

ELAD-Connect: that's why you won't be able to do without it anymore

Savings, efficiency, speed, safety, precision, capitalization and information sharing are just some of the significant advantages deriving from the adoption of ELAD-Connect.

An up-to-date system that offers intuitive, useful and indispensable functions for companies looking to the future of the production processes.

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